Wednesday, August 8, 2012



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          SANDY STAR 
 is a beautiful singing sensation. Sandy Star has the voice of an angel. She's won numerous talent shows and is featured on over 10 mixtapes and 3 albums all over the United States, and one album in Greece. Sandy Star has great voice control, and range. She captivates the audience as soon as she starts to sing. Sandy Star just released her brand new album called, Love Rollercoaster. This album will take you through the ups, downs, good, and bad of relationships. Sandy Star is magnificent. This album has been long awaited for, and Sandy Star delivered a classic performance. This is one of the best albums i've heard in years. The songs, the music, the lyrics all go hand in hand. Sometimes a album will have a few good songs that people fall in love with, and the rest of the album is a wash. I can truly say from start to finish, this album is Phenominal. 20 years from now, your still going to love this album. Independent artist have always taken a backseat to the music industry, and its artist, but thanks to the internet and brand new technology (Indendent Artist) like Sandy Star are emerging from the shadows and becoming mega power houses. Sandy Star says, I dont want to make good music, I want to make hit records. Great is what I strive for. I want to make music that people can feel and love. Music is love, music is life, music breaks down walls and color barriers, Music is me. The industry can tell you what to do, when to do it, and what songs to sing, and put on your album, But its up to you to go in the studio, take your time, and comeback out with a hit record. Everytime you create a record, your reputation is on the line, the world is the judge, everyone is listening, everyone is watching, but God gave me the voice to sing and thats who really matters in the end. God loves me, and he loves you to, thats who made me a Star, (My Father) Sandy (Star) stay true, and always remember, that your gift is from the sky, God made, Heaven sent. Thank You.

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